1. Structure Materials and Functional Coatings (metals, ceramics, and composites)
Prof. Yasuhiro YAMAZAKI (Chiba University, JP)
Prof. Masayoshi TATENO (Kogakuin University, JP)

2. Materials for Energy (saving, conversion, transfer, storage) and Environment plus Electrochemistry
2-1. Photovoltaics
Dr. Chih-Wei CHU (Academia Sinica, TW)

2-2. Rechargeable Batteries and Fuel Cells
Prof. Man Seung LEE (Mokpo National University, KR)
Prof. Setsuko KOURA (Chiba Institute of Technology, JP)

2-3. Materials for Thermal Management and Thermal Energy Utilization
Prof. Noriyuki KOBAYASHI (Nagoya University, JP)

2-4. Materials for Energy and Environmental Applications
Prof. Sheng Hsiung CHANG (Chung Yuan Christian University, TW)
Dr. Yan-Gu LIN (National Synchrotron Radiation Research Center, TW)
Dr. Hsin-Yi LEE (National Synchrotron Radiation Research Center, TW)

3. Optics and Photonic Materials
Prof. Shih-Chieh HSU (Tamkang University, TW)
Prof. Masahiko KONDOW (Osaka University, JP)

4. Electronics, Magnetics and Nanomaterials
Prof. Masanobu KOBAYASHI (Chiba Institute of Technology, JP)

5. Polymer science and molecular chemistry
Prof. Tetsu MITSUMATA (Niigata University, JP)

6S. Organic Reactions and Applications to Organic and Biomaterials (Custom-tailored session)
Prof. Satomi NIWAYAMA (Muroran Institute of Technology, JP)

7. Theory, Characterization and Computational Modeling of Materials
Prof. Masahiko HIGUCHI (Shinshu University, JP)