The Asian Pacific Society for Materials Research (APSMR) is founded to promote communications and technical information exchange across all aspects of materials science research.

As a key authority and an active member of the Asia Pacific materials research community, APSMR sponsors several annual meetings in conjuction with other institutes and periodically organizes meetings and workshops with APSMR-reginal Operating Committees.

APSMR also promotes communications and technical information exchange through publication of conference proceedings, and scientific journals. APSMR is dedicated to excellence and welcomes diversity.

Member benefits

Members benefit from reduced rates for APSMR's Information Services, such as journals and conferences. In the near future, a new membership system will be launched with a series of new membership services and benefits to be introduced.

Educational activities

APSMR provides a range of activities and initiatives to benefit the materials research community. The objective of APSMR educational activities is to promote the materials discipline to younger generations by providing a wide range of educational resources and services. Not only students get discount access to workshops and conferences, they can also apply for many awards which APSMR offers every year.

Events and publications

The operating committee of APSMR, is responsible for producing the Society's AMST Journal and organising conferences and training courses.