APSMR Awards and Scholarships

APSMR sponsors a number of prestigious and competition-based awards every year. Except for the annual Director's Awards which are by internal nominations, all other APSMR awards listed below are available through open competitions.

■ APSMR Oral/Poster Presentation Awards

APSMR Presentation Awards are given to selected students who directly participate in delivering excellent presentations at one of the APSMR sponsored conferences. Participating students are automatically being considered for award competitions and final decision will be determined by the conference organizing committee members.

The awards are categorized as (1) Best Oral Presentation Award, (2) Student Oral Presentation Award, (3) Best Poster Presentation Award, (4) Student Poster Presentation Awards, and (5) APSMR Contribution Awards.

Eligibility and Requirements:

  1. The applicant must be a student member of APSMR.
  2. Student award recipients must be enrolled full time in a materials science or related disciplines at a qualified college or university.
  3. Relatives of members of the APSMR Awards and Scholarships Committee are not eligible.

Judging Criteria:
APSMR awards are chosen by specially appointed referees of qualified competence. The following evaluation criteria are employed, unless otherwise indicated.

  • Relevance of Achievement to the award's focus
  • Academic and Research Achievement
  • Presentation Skills
  • Leadership
  • Participation Efforts

Questions? Contact us at awards@apsmr.org.