1. Structure Materials and Functional Coatings (metals, ceramics, and composites)
Prof. Chau-Chang CHOU (National Taiwan Ocean University, TW)
Prof. Gwo Chung TSAI (National Ilan University, TW)
Prof. Ping-szu TSAI (National Kaohsiung University of Science and Technology, TW)

2. Materials for Energy (saving, conversion, transfer, storage) and Environment plus Electrochemistry
2-1. Photovoltaics
Prof. Myung Kwan SONG (Korea Institute of Materials Science, KR)

2-2. Rechargeable Batteries and Fuel Cells

2-3. Materials for Thermal Management and Thermal Energy Utilization
Dr. Rudder WU (National Institute for Materials Science, JP)

2-4. Materials for Energy and Environmental Applications
Prof. Chang-Tang CHANG (National I-Lan University, TW)

3. Optics and Photonic Materials
Prof. Ming-Yi LIN (National United University, TW)

4. Electronics, Magnetics and Nanomaterials
Prof. Juhn-Jong LIN (National Chiao Tung University, TW)
Prof. Ping SHENG (Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, HK)
Prof. Maohai XIE (The University of Hong Kong, HK)

5. Polymer science and molecular chemistry
Prof. Er-Yuan CHUANG (Taipei Medical University, TW)

6. Organic Materials and Biomaterials
Prof. Yung-Kang SHEN (Taipei Medical University, TW)

7. Theory, Characterization and Computational Modeling of Materials

8. Two-Dimensional Material : Synthesis, Characterization and Application
Prof. Ya-Ping HSIEH (Academia Sinca, TW)