About Acta Materials Science and Technology


Sponsored by APSMR and published by Golden Academy, Acta Materials Science and Technology (AMST) is a technical journal devoted to publishing latest research that explores the many aspects of materials science and presents a significant impact to the materials research community.

To be more specific, AMST reports scholarly work that explores the recent progress in the design, synthesis, characterization, and application of advanced structural and functional materials. In pursuing this goal, this journal strives to balance the interests of academia and the industry.

What does AMST contain?
The editorial scope includes time-critical technical letters, high-quality research papers, and review articles. In addition, AMST issues may also contain contents related to education issues, professional concerns, business updates and coverage, events announcements, interviews, and news about APSMR. Each issue thoroughly explores at least two technical topics by presenting three to six articles on each subject. In this way, AMST provides well-rounded coverage of an array of materials-related subjects, from minerals characterization and developments in extraction to the production of advanced electronic materials and the performance of tomorrow's aerospace structural components.