1. Structure Materials and Functional Coatings (metals, ceramics, and composites)

2. Materials for Energy (saving, conversion, transfer, storage) and Environment plus Electrochemistry
2-1. Photovoltaics

2-2. Rechargeable Batteries and Fuel Cells

2-3. Materials for Thermal Management and Thermal Energy Utilization

2-4. Materials for Energy and Environmental Applications
Dr. Kuan-I LEE (National Institute for Materials Science, JP)

3. Optics and Photonic Materials
Prof. Jae-Seung LEE (Korea University, KR)
Prof. Dong Ha KIM (Ewha Womans University, KR)
Prof. Shih-Chieh HSU (Tamkang University, TW)

4. Electronics, Magnetics and Nanomaterials

5. Polymer Science and Molecular Chemistry

6. Organic Materials and Biomaterials
Prof. Yung-Kang SHEN (Taipei Medical University, TW)

7. Theory, Characterization and Computational Modeling of Materials